Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gosnell-like California quack surrenders license over patient death

Practitioner Loses License, Killed Woman in Failed Abortion

The abortionist who killed Ying Chen -- a death ruled a homicide by the LA County Coroner -- has surrendered his license. Again.

There are many parallels to the current outrage over seedy abortionist Kermit Gosnell:

  • Both operated in facilities that were not abortion-focused. Rutland performed Ying's abortion in an acupuncture clinic; Gosnell performed the fatal abortion on Karnamaya Mongar in a multipurpose facility that was also a local pill mill.

  • Both facilities were described as filthy and ill-equipped.

  • Both Ying and Karnamaya were overdosed on anesthesia.

  • Both Rutland and Gosnell delayed unnecessarily before calling 911.

  • Both doctors had patient deaths that were ruled homicide by the Medical Examiner (in Gosnell's case, the dead patient was Semika Shaw)

  • Both doctors severed babies' spinal columns, though Rutland did this by accident with forceps during a delivery, while Gosnell did it on purpose after delivery.

  • In both cases, failures by the medical board allowed the patient deaths -- in Rutland's case, by giving him back his license; in Gosnell's case, by failing to take his license in the first place.

    Rutland has voluntarily surrendered his license, a la Steven Chase Brigham, in order to halt the investigation against him. I'm guessing he figures he can wait for the outrage to blow over, then get his license back.
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