Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best of the web on Gosnell

Kermit Gosnell continues to be a hot topic in some circles. Here are some of the best of what's out there at this time:

  • ‘Scores’ of victims of ‘House of Horrors’ abortionist tell of forced abortions, lifelong injuries: "“Scores” of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s victims are coming forward after his arrest last week, says Pennsylvania’s District Attorney. Many women are detailing the horrid atrocities in the media, with some alleging that he even forced them to abort their child."

  • The secular source is for this report is here: Alleged Victim Calls Philadelphia Abortion Doc Kermit Gosnell a 'Monster': "Since the arraignment of Gosnell and members of his staff, they've received several calls from women claiming to be victims, District Attorney Christine Wechsler said. "Phones are ringing off the hook. There are scores of women," Wechsler said. Wechsler said that the claims of Reid and Gaither sound very similar to the behavior documented in the grand jury report and in the phone calls they've received since late last week."

  • Elmer Smith: This monster wasn't the kid I once knew: "KERMIT GOSNELL was that kid that your mother always said you should be like. He represented the best and brightest in our neighborhood, the kind of boy we all knew was going to make something of himself someday. So, I'm struggling to reconcile that child of promise with the ghoulish fiend whose horrific acts were described in the grand-jury report that led to eight murder charges on Wednesday."

    The article goes on to reflect on the Grand Jury Report:

    A grand jury that sat through months of testimony might never be able to erase those images.

    "We had witnesses who broke down and grand jurors who begged us, 'Please, don't show us that picture,' " said Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore, who presented the case with Assistant District Attorney Christine Wechsler.


    Wechsler and Pescatore said they had no idea how heinous the crimes were when they got started.

    "It was a total shock and it continued to shock as we uncovered it," Wechsler said.

    "Every witness taught us something else. It snowballed. We didn't know about how he induced labor or how he killed them until we got the remains of the babies with snips in their spinal cords."

    Then he goes back to musing about the man he used to know: "I'm still trying to figure out what happened in the years since I've seen Kermit Gosnell that may have turned one of our best and brightest into a man who murdered babies for profit."

    It makes me think of Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard, who went from stalwart defender of the poor to seedy abortionist who couldn't see his own deteriorated condition.

  • Report: Abortion Doctor Charged In Woodbridge Woman's Death is an AP story that does something shocking for a MSM article. It actually describes how late abortions are performed: "In a typical late-term abortion, the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed in pieces. That is more common than the procedure opponents call "partial-birth abortion," in which the fetus is partially extracted before being destroyed."
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