Friday, June 16, 2006

Abortion proponents show their anti-choice colors

All Coat-Hangers Aimed at New Brunswick
This article covers a drive by abortion proponents to get government funding in New Brunswick, Canada. "Abortion activists have called on supporters to mail coat hangers to all N.B. MLA's, he said."

Note that there's not been a shred of evidence that women have been harmed by the lack of free abortions. Abortion fanatics don't just want women to be able to arrange for their fetuses to be dismembered; they want the public -- including people who have that horrible birth defect, a conscience -- to be forced to foot the bill for the fetus-shredding.

The only acceptable "choice" is abortion. Its proponents will only be satisfied when every single citizen is forced to in some way participate in fetus-slaughter. And it's not women's well-being that drives them. Remember, the closing of a dangerous Alabama abortion miss was lamented by these people as "very unfortunate" and "a blow for women."

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