Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reactionary, evil British woman wants to deny other women "choice"

British Woman Upset Erroneous Tests Prompted Her to Have Two Abortions
Geraldine Griffiths, now 58, learned recently that she'd been misdiagnosed as a carrier of a form of muscular distrophy. As a result of that misdiagnosis, she'd aborted both her sons in the 1970s. One abortion took place at two months and the other at 28 weeks.

The disease affects only boys.

The error was discovered when Geraldine's daughters were tested to see if they were carriers. They weren't, which led to Geraldine being re-tested.

"I needlessly aborted two children. I took life when it was unnecessary. I think about how they would have turned out and when their birthdays would have been," a tearful Gerardine told the reporter.

Having exercised her right to choose, Geradine now wants to deny other women the right to make their own choices:
"I feel so angry that DNA tests could be wrong and other women who have been misdiagnosed could have abortions unnecessarily," Griffiths told the newspaper. "There should be more rigorous tests before anyone considers having an abortion."

Fancy that! She reaps the benefits of choice, then when she's past childbearing age she tries to keep other women from exercising choice! How dare she try to guilt-trip other women! How dare she insinuate herself into the doctor/patient relationship! What gives her the right to decide what information doctors should give to other women when assisting them in making a difficult choice? The nerve of some people!

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