Sunday, June 25, 2006

Someone was seeking Dr Steven Chase Brigham

If anybody here lives in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, maybe you could volunteer to be the person who keeps an eye on the exploits of Dr Steven Chase Brigham. As far as I can tell, he wants to be the Fast Eddie Allred of the East coast. He runs a chain of seedy abortion mills. Astonishingly, he's not yet managed to kill anybody but fetuses in these mills. Not that he's exerting a lot of effort to preserve his patients' lives. He's so bad that Planned Parenthood actually helped the prolifers badger the medical board about him. Brigham surrendered his license in order to halt an ongoing investigation. Even though he's not permitted to practice medicine in Pennsylvania, he nevertheless operates a handful of clinics, using whatever quack abortionists he can get his hands on. The Medical Board of New York stopped just short of calling him a psychopath, noting that, "Respondent repeatedly exaggerated his medical training, experience and skill." He "has demonstrated that he lacks appropriate judgment and insight as to his own limitations. He routinely displayed a tendency to inflate and embellish the truth."

Without further ado, here's what I'm aware of that this guy's been caught doing wrong:

  • Brigham nearly killed patient "Millie" by performing a dangerous -- and illegal -- third-trimester abortion on her in his office.

  • Instead of sending her to an equipped hospital -- which would be required by law to provide her with care -- Brigham performed an abortion procedure on patient "Jessie" to remove her dead fetus.

  • Brigham kept yanking with forceps on patient "Anne's" internal organs, even when it was clear that he wasn't pulling out fetal parts. He nearly eviscerated her.
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    Al Henneberry said...

    This shyster has opened clinics in Maryland and Virginia.It was Riley who was involved in the botched abortion in Elkton, Maryland, that led to the discovery of Brigham’s scheme to circumvent late-term abortion laws by beginning the abortion in one state, then transporting the women to Maryland for completion of the abortion. Authorities who raided Brigham’s Elkton, MD abortion mill discovered the remains of 35 late-term aborted babies.

    Brigham is not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and never has been. The state issued a cease and desist order to Brigham on August 25