Saturday, June 17, 2006

Surprise to prolifers: Tiller mill shuts down for the day

Operation Rescue reports that George Tiller's notorious late term abortion mill in Wichita was unexpectedly closed on Friday. Locals are hoping that the reason was because staff were being called upon to testify to the Grand Jury investigating the death of abortion patient Christin Gilbert.

1. Even one day for an abortion mill to be closed is a good thing. This bought another day for women to come to their senses and avoid abortions.

2. God willing, the Grand Jury is not going to blow off Christin's death as a trivial matter, the way the Medical Board did. After all, the Grand Jury is comprised of ordinary citizens, not political appointees who owe their jobs to the fact that George Tiller poured heaps of money into the Governor's election campaign. You have to be a die-hard abortion advocate to consider George Tiller's abortion business more important than Christin Gilbert's life.

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