Monday, June 26, 2006

Buffett and Gates

NBC Nightly News is going on and on about Warren Buffett's decision to fork over his fortune to the Gates Foundation. And my bewilderment is brought to the surface again: How can people with the compassion and wisdom to work on eradicating AIDS and malaria turn around and support Planned Parenthood? I saw a clip of Gates in Africa, and he seemed to be bubbling over with genuine goodwill for the little baby in his arms -- how can he then turn around and say, "Quick -- any more of these, head them off before they breach the birth canal." How can he simultaneously want to mitigate the suffering of sub-Saharan Africans, while donating cash to an organization bent on bringing about their extinction?

It's like somebody giving money to help build a Jewish homeland in Israel with one check, then funding new crematoria for Buchenwald.

He doesn't seem like an evil man -- how can he be so blind? Didn't he notice that the poor of the world love their children as much as the wealthy do?

Bill, Melissa, Warren -- don't taint your legacy by giving money to a hate group! Take that Planned Parenthood money and use it to give villages potable water and septic systems, to provide an infrastructure so that they can have fresh food year round. Or spend it on booze and reefer for frat boys! Better to burn it or piss it away than to give it to Planned Parenthood!

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