Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blog roundup: A young parrot, let's tackle malaria, and more

Here we have another young 'un reciting what she's been told by people who ought to know better. She claims that aborted fetus pictures are photoshopped, and has latched onto Geri Santoro's death. Why do abortion advocates cling to her corpse with the tenacity of the damned? Yes, it was terrible what happened to her, but she was killed by her boyfriend because of her brutal ex-husband. Why does nobody place the blame on the two men who killed her? And, for that matter, why do the prochoicers care so much about this woman who died forty years ago and so little about women who are dying now?

UPDATE: I posted to this girl about the death of Carolina Gutierrez, the young woman who lost her feet to septic gangrene after a botched abortion in Miami. Despite the desperate attempts to save her life, this young mother died, leaving behind two small children Quote our paragon of compassion: "I totally feel indifferent about Carolina because quite honestly she didn't die in a particular gruesome way, which makes her a bad candidate for martyrdom." Feel the love! And some people think prochoicers don't care about women!


The Constant Sketpic says, "Before we eradicate abortion in Africa, lets kill another killer.". Well, Skeptic, I agree that we ought to go after malaria with guns blazing and banners flying. I'm just asking Buffett and Gates not to take away with one hand what they're giving with the other. It's mean -- not to mention racist -- to battle malaria with one check while supporting population control with another. It's saying, "We'll come here and wipe out the mosquitoes, but you darkies really need to stop breeding!"


Life Decisions International is preparing to release its 2006 boycott list, for those who want to stay on top of what corporations and organizations are pitting their money against women's wombs and the fetuses residing therein.

HT: Birth Story


Generations for Life has this must-read post about how "experts" undermine young women who want to abstain from sexual intercourse. It's all about the man, and giving him what he wants.


Anonymous said...

Have you stopped to think that maybe their want for a better population control is because of the intensity of the AIDS virus in Africa?

Christina Dunigan said...

I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Can you rephrase that?