Friday, June 02, 2006

Somebody wanted "naf women's pavillion"

What a coincidence! Yesterday somebody was searching for "naf women's pavillion", and today is the anniversary of the day a NAF clinic with "pavillion" in its name -- Atlanta Women's Pavillion -- fatally injured two teenage girls.

Tamika Dowdy died at Brooklyn Women's Pavilion while her rapper boyfriend waited to tell her the news that he'd just gotten a recording contract. I checked NAF's web site, and sure enough, this is a member facility.

Abortionist Ulrich George Klopfer botched an abortion on Brenda C. at Women's Pavilion in South Bend, Indiana. NAF says this is a member facility, as did NAF's 1991 Annual Report.

I posted recently about Denise Montoya, a 15-year-old girl who died after an abortion at Women's Pavillon in Houston. I double-checked my notes, and sure enough, Women's Pavillion was listed on NAF's 1991 Annual Report as a member facility. Which means that either Denise was killed at a member facility, or NAF admitted Women's Pavillion even after they'd let Denise die. Neither of which speaks well for NAF.

I also have other dirt on this facility. One teenage girl pleaded with staff to remove laminaria and let her baby live after she felt movement, only to be discharged with no follow-up care. Her baby was born prematurely and died after six months.

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