Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Somebody was looking for Dr. Arnold Bickham

Here's what I already have posted on him:

After her abortion, 18-year-old Sylvia Moore was bleeding, weak, and unable to walk. Bickham (pictured) called her "lazy," put her in a wheelchair, and physically ejected her from his Chicago clinic that New Years Eve of 1986. Not surprisingly, Sylvia died, and the coroner determined the manner of death to be homicide. But no charges were ever filed against Bickham.

Bickham's cost-cutting measures at his Water Tower Reproductive Center cost Sherry Emry her life over the 1977-78 holiday season.

And here's something kinda creepy. I was searching online for up-to-date information on Bickham, and there is an elementary school in Chicago with a principal named Dr. Arnold Bickham. And the photo looks familiar. Could Bickham have become an elementary school principal after losing his medical license? (It was revoked in 1989.) I'm going to call tomorrow and find out if their Dr. Arnold Bickham is the Dr. Arnold Bickham who killed Sylvia Moore.

Here's a question: If it is the same Dr. Arnold Bickham, should I say anything about his past? Or should I let him go about his business, since a high school principal isn't in a position to let anybody die due to poor judgment? And what do you think the odds are that the two Dr. Arnold Bickhams are the same Dr. Arnold Bickham?

I'll be posting more on Bickham here shortly.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

I volunteer at a school whose principal's name is Dr. Arnold Bickam. Did you ever find out if this was the ssame Dr. Bickam the abortionist?

Christina Dunigan said...

No, I never did. But that's something you can find out! Find out if your Dr. Bickham is a physician, rather than a doctor of education, and where he was working in the 1970s and 1980s.

Please keep in mind that if he's doing good and decent work in the community, I would NOT want the fact that he's a former abortionist coming back to haunt him! In fact, if this IS the same Dr. Bickham, we need to be supporting him and holding him up as an example, asking if he might help other abortionists learn how to make a transition to contributing members of the community.

Anonymous said...

is this who we have chosen to lead our children?

Christina Dunigan said...

1. We don't know for sure that it's the same Arnold Bickham.

2. If he repented, why not? He'd certainly know firsthand why it's important to do right.

Anonymous said...

If it is him he needs to be exposed! I had a very bad experience with this man 25 years ago. As you see I haven't forgotten it. I wish I had sued him then. As a retired Chicago Public School teacher, I know he doesnot need to be at the head of any school. He is a mean and violent man and I can't possibly believe he is capable of doing what is necessary to be an appropriate leader.

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, can you find out if it is really him?

And it is possible for people to change. Carol Everett used to look at women as just so many wombs to vacuum out and wallets to empty. She sent a woman home to bleed to death. But she was turned around by the power of Christ's healing love. I would not want to deny anybody the chance to make amends to the world by doing good.

On the other hand, if this guy is the same guy, and he hasn't repented ever having been the kind of cruel man who could shove a hemorrhaging teenager out the door to die, then he does need to be exposed.

It all depends on two things:

1. Is this the same Bickham?
2. If so, has he repented, or is he just hiding from his evil past?

Anonymous said...

The principal of Lavizzo Elementary school is the same Arnold Bickham who used to work for Water Tower Reproductive Center as an abortion doctor, and who was charged for his previously stated crimes.

Catalyst-Chicago reported that Bickham was under investigation for choking a student at Sojourner Truth Elementary School in Cabrini-Green in 2003. He left that school while under investigation and somehow got his way into Lavizzo.

As a parent with a student in Lavizzo, I'm seriously concerned about this mans qualifications to act as principal in any school. If anyone has any sources where I can get more information on Bickham, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to clarify that Bickham used to be the the principal at Sojourner Truth, but only for a few months because he was placed under investigation in October.

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, can you post links?

Click on the links above for the articles I have on Bickham, and the source materials are listed on the bottom.

Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

The Catalyst Chicago Article:

How did you access the court records you cited in your Sherry Emry and Sylvia Moore entries? And the old news articles? I can't find them on the internet. They'd help a lot.

Christina Dunigan said...

Here that is as a link.

The court documents have to be ordered from the courthouse. The news articles were hard copy; you can look them up in the library.