Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blog and Web Roundup

According to this AP article, Summit Medical Center, the Alabama abortion mill that nearly killed an 8-months pregnant woman by dispensing RU-486 instead of getting her care for her dangerously high blood pressure, has only "temporarily" surrendered its license. If Summit is like other filthy abortion mills that have closed to halt a state investigation, it'll stay closed long enough for attorneys to create a new corporation. Then it will be back to business as usual. Which, of course, the president of the Montgomery chapter of NOW will celebrate. The point isn't safety; it's numbers.


HT: Birth Story -- Majority of women think 24-week abortions 'are cruel' looks at a new British survey on abortion.
A large majority of women think abortions at the current 24-week time limit are "cruel", a poll found.

Doyathink? Gee, ripping the arms and legs off babies that could be delivered live is not a nice thing to do, and a majority of women in the UK are smart enough to recognize this. The crying shame is that you need a freaking poll, and that it's only a majority, and not "all women not currently residing in hospitals for the criminally insane."
Andrea Williams, public policy officer for the fellowship, said: "This poll confirms that women in this country are deeply unhappy with the existing abortion laws and want them tightened up. It also suggests many women fear that too often abortions are carried out because of social pressures and not because the women concerned want a termination. Above all women want to see fewer abortions in this country."

Again, evidence that British women are normal human beings, not total psychopaths.
The survey found that 81% of women would describe an abortion at the current 24-week limit as "cruel".

But the other 19% evidently don't have a problem with ripping the limbs off live babies.
It also found that 84% of people believe parents of girls under 16 have a right to know if their daughter has been referred for an abortion.

I'd like to know who the hell thinks they have the right to be referring other people's daugthers for abortions in the first place. Lemme guess -- I'd bet they're affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, motto, "We know better than you how to raise your kids."


The syrupy "Oh, Mommy! I just love floating here in your womb!" stuff is still in circulation. Who writes this drivel? Abortion is wrong because it's wrong to kill helpless little human beings, not because they are aware that you're planning to do it. Lay off the glurge, people!!


Right Wing Nation is suggesting possible abortion-rights license plates. My personal favorites are: Choose Death; Kill That Brat Before It Votes Repug; Save Murderers, Abort Fetuses; If Abortion Were Illegal I Couldn't Screw Every Night; and, last but not least: SUCK IT RIGHT OUT!


Hog On Ice has some interesting reflections on who gets aborted. Read it and be ready for the punch line.

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