Friday, June 16, 2006

Lots of people have been looking for Deborah Lyn Levich

Deborah Lyn Levich is the doctor who was in charge of the Alabama abortion mill where the nurse illegally dispensed RU-486 to a woman who was actually 8 months pregnant, resulting in the stillbirth of a 6 pound, 4 ounce baby.

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The clinic's actions could have killed the mother as well as the baby, due to the mother's alarmingly high blood pressure -- so high that in and of itself it constituted an emergency.

The medical board will meet on July 18 to decide what, if any, action to take about Dr. Levich.

Evidently the new spurt of interest comes in the wake of the news that the clinic is surrendering its license. The Associated Press notes, "Today's move avoids a June 20 hearing where the state would have presented its case against the center and sought to revoke Summit's license."

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