Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anne Rice pro-life, endorses -- HILLARY?!

Personal Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President

Though this is akin to somebody who detests the horror of anti-Semitism endorsing Hitler, I think that Rice is struggling to do right by the poor and disenfranchised. And I think she's been sucked in by rhetoric that sounds good but doesn't reflect reality. So, pro-lifers, if you comment on Rice's page, be respectful and gentle. This woman is sticking her neck out for the Gospel by switching from writing vampire erotica to writing Christian historical fiction. She herself deserves respect no matter how confused her political opinions may be.

Not to mention she deserves respect as a fellow human being made in God's image, and as a member of the Body of Christ.

I do also agree with her on one thing -- Church and state need to be two different things. But this is because of how political power corrupts the church, not because faith doesn't belong in the public sphere.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Well, I just now saw your plea, but I hope you think that my commentary was both appropriately frank and properly respectful and gentle.

Christina Dunigan said...

I commented on your blog. Thanx, paul.

Anonymous said...

Anne wrote:
Deeply respecting those who disagree with me, I feel that if we are to find a solution to the horror of abortion, it will be through the Democratic Party.

Um, no, it won't. With all due respect to Anne -- who is a talented writer -- that's a clear example of blind faith overcoming evidence. The Democratic Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Party of Death. They have driven out almost all of their serious pro-lifers. They will only give a voice to the most extreme abortion advocates.

God knows the GOP isn't perfect. There are times when I dearly wish that we had a viable third (or even fourth) party in this country. However, as Anne so accurately commented, we have a two-party system. Period.

Within that two-party system, the choice for any committed pro-lifer is pretty clear. The Republicans might be stupid, but the Democrats are evil. I'll take the Stupid Party over the Evil Party every time....

Christina Dunigan said...

Naaman, I remember when my then-husband and I decided that we had to stop being Independents and needed to register with parties so we could vote in the primaries.

I was at the time a "Seamless Garment" prolifer: no war, no capital punishment, in addition to no euthanasia, no abortion.

I looked at the parties.

The Republicans wanted to kill criminals and Communists.

The Democrats wanted to kill fetuses, disabled newborns, and vent-dependent adults.

I decided to go with the Republicans because it's more sporting to at least go after peopel who can fight back.