Monday, August 27, 2007

Driven by despair

Woman Fights to Keep Baby

A WOMAN fighting to stop her unborn baby being taken from her at birth is considering having an abortion because she does not want her child to go into care.

Fran Lyon, 22, will have her baby daughter taken into care by social services unless a judicial review can convince the authorities that she does not pose a risk of causing the child emotional harm.

Ms Lyon, of St Hilda’s Road, Hexham, who received treatment for a personality disorder when she was 16, was told by social services she was considered likely to suffer from Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy, a condition in which a mother will make up an illness in her child or harm it in order to get attention.

But top psychiatrists are backing her fight to keep her child, whom she has named Molly, and have said there is no clinical evidence that backs up social services’ concerns.


The case comes as concerns are mounting over the numbers of babies being taken from parents, with critics saying councils need to meet adoption “targets”.

I realize this is in the UK, not the US, but isn't there such a thing as due process in the UK? Not, evidently, when it comes to child-snatchers from CPS. Same as in the US, it appears.

I wonder if the UK has the same problem the US has, with CPS returning children to abusive homes where they are later murdered. Good parents get their kids snatched, bad parents get sympathy and an opportunity to kill.

I'm afraid that this is like Ashli's situation, where a desperate mother threatens abortion to try to get the people around her to listen and take her seriously. We can only pray that Fran won't be swooped in on by social workers tsk-tsking that in her case, why abortion would be best.

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Anonymous said...

Fran may have been, and may still be a self deprecating person, (she self harmed and had an eating disorder.) But she was a mere 16 years old then. Who knows why she did this, and what any person would have done had you faced her particular problems in life. I assume now, that she would have to be in a place where she is able to provide support to others, as she helps to run two mental health charities. This can only be to her great credit. Why is she being punished for this, and all that she has overcome?

Fran has already named her child, "Molly", and waves her baby scan picture for all to see. Try to imagine the inconceivable damage that abortion or separation could do to a person such as Fran.

In accordance with their track record, social services in the North East are comprehensively, tragically wrong in their judgement again. It does not follow that a person who used to harm themselves, or have an eating disorder, will develop Munchausen’s by proxy, of course. In addition to the cold blooded threat of taking away her baby at birth, it is this galling, transparent Munchausen’s fabrication, that will be causing untold stress to Fran and untold stress and harm to Fran’s baby. Stress is proven to be harmful to babies in utero. (Do Hexham Social Services have Munchausen’s by proxy?) What is wrong with monitoring Fran and the child, if there is cause for concern, I don’t understand? I can only hope that Hexham Social Services do not cause another tragedy here.