Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ciy Council, PP, and "What, me biased?"

The Aurora City Council meeting about PP's stealth clinic was just held. There were about 120 speakers against PP, to 2 supporting it. I looked at Jill's photo montage and noticed old people and young people, Black people and white people, clergy and laity, folks who looked well-to-do, folks who looked less well-to-do, all united against a common enemy.The meeting ran for 7.5 hours, ending at 1:30 a.m.

The city council has promised an independent investigation into whether or not PP has committed fraud -- which seems like a no-brainer, since they lied on the documents they submitted. But there's a double standard in this country in which you're given a walk on a lot of things if you're far enough to the political Left.

Jill Stanek's account

Joe's Lab

Jivin' J notes the standard MSM bias in the Beacon News coverage: "According to Jill, there were only two pro-choicers who spoke at the meeting in favor of Planned Parenthood moving in and more than 100 prolifers who signed in to speak against Planned Parenthood and abortion. Guess who got a quoted for more than 75 words in the story?" Not to mention the headline read "Anti-abortion, abortion-rights activists pack City Council". It was the prolifers packing the place. Only two abortion supporters even chose to speak. A photo caption reads "An Aurora police officer holds back a flood of people at Tuesday's City Council meeting where both sides of the abortion issue wanted to be heard." This gives the mistaken impression that there were plenty of folks both supporting and opposing PP. And the NOW spokesperson was the only one quoted at all. Not a single point brought up by the prolifers got a word of mention. No mention of the sneaky and underhanded way PP tried to slide this in under the radar. Not a single mention of parents' concerns about PP's history of driving a wedge between parents and their kids. The only mention of anything except how much the facility is "needed" and "wanted" was to note that a couple of speakers inserted comments about waste disposal at the facility into the council's deliberations about the city's garbage contract.

Ya know, I thought according to PP, being "unwanted" meant that you deserved to be destroyed. So why don't they take the hint and abort their organization?

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