Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anniversaries: All equally dead

On August 16, 1899, Mrs. Antonie Vacicek died in her home from complications of an illegal abortion performed there that day. Mary Koupal was arrested and held by Coroner's Jury in the death, but was discharged in the September term.

Cheryl Vosseler was 17 years old when she was admitted to Fresno General Hospital on July 31, 1969, to undergo a legal abortion. After she was discharged, Cheryl suffered from complications, and was readmitted two weeks later. Surgery was performed August 14, 1969, to try to save her life. Cheryl's condition continued to deteriorate. She finally died August 16, 1969.

Dorothy K. Brown, age 37, underwent an abortion at Friendship Medical Clinic in Chicago on August 16, 1974. Within hours, she was dead at a nearby hospital. Her death was attributed to "shock related to hemorrhagic necrosis of uterus." Julia Rogers and Evelyn Dudley also died after abortions at Friendship Medical Center.

Marla Anne Cardamone, age 18, died at Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh on August 16, 1989 from complications of an abortion she'd been browbeaten into by a social worker.

I fail to see how Cheryl, Dorothy, and Marla benefitted from having access to "safe and legal" abortion. Please, if anybody does, enlighten me.

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