Friday, August 17, 2007

Saving born babies from the most common cause of death

Amazing Swimming Babies - video powered by Metacafe

The video is amazing -- though I was distressed that they left the baby frightened and crying out for his mother for so long. Though I guess the ability to remain afloat even while very upset and frightened is part of what they teach the little guys.

Though you should never leave the little ones unattended where they might fall into water, life is full of surprises. Older kids unlock doors, toddlers learn to open doors and do so while Mom is in the bathroom. Mom can have a siezure or be otherwise uncapacitated and not able to realize her child is in danger.

I tried to ask the guy who posted the video about where parents can enroll their babies, but I can't get Metacafe to verify my registration. Does anybody know where we can get these swimming lessons for the babies in our lives?

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