Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quack abortionist a "US health official", according to UPI

Health risks tied to partial-birth ruling

Several U.S. health officials argued that the passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Act is forcing more dangerous procedures to occur.

Health officials through agencies like Michigan's WomanCare have pointed out that since the U.S. Supreme Court passed the act, they have been forced to use medical procedures that make abortions increasingly risky and painful, The Detroit News said Monday.

WomanCare medical director Alberto Hodari said that health officials are being forced to do additional procedures to ensure they follow the act's strict guidelines.

Alberto Hodari (pictured) is a fairly seedy abortionist, linked to the illegal abortion death of a 15-year-old statutory rape victim, and another patient I've found few details about. And WomanCare ain't exactly the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, reports that there have been 23 lawsuits in the past 20 years against WomanCare facilities and Alberto Hodari, for abortion injuries including complications resuting on hysterectomies on 19, 22, and 23-year-old women. All were dismissed, with many referring to undisclosed settlements.

But by UPI standards, Hodari is a "US health official". Now, correct me if I"m wrong, but that makes it sound like he's working for the federal government, not for a chain of for-profit abortion clinics with a string of malpractice suits.

One more point in closing -- Many abortion facilities routinely administer digoxin to kill the fetus as part of their touted "safe" services. They've been doing it for at least ten years, as far as I can guess. How come what's "safe" if it's the clinic's normal, chosen routine becomes a "needless risk" when they're administering it to cover their asses legally?

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