Tuesday, August 21, 2007

But the abortion was carried out, so the outcome is happy, right?

Pro-Aborts Poster Child Was More Than Just A Victim

Remember Rosita; the poor 9 year old that was raped in Costa Rica and impregnated? Well, it turns out she was just a pawn for the pro-aborts cause. First: The Pro-Aborts helped the family out of Costa Rica even though there was a criminal investigation against Rosita’s stepfather. Second: Her rapist was her stepfather - the man they helped escape the investigation. Third: She wasn’t 9 but a couple years older and the Pro-Aborts knew it because neighbors of the family told them she wasn’t 9. Fourth: Rosita now has an 18 month old baby and her stepfather is the father. Go here, here, and here for the story.

This is why I make such a strong distinction between rank-and-file prochoicers and the abortion lobby. I think most prochoice citizens would agree that this was an appalling way to treat that child. But to the abortion lobby, all that matters is a PR coup. Not truth, not justice, and certainly not this child's well-being.

HT: Jill Stanek

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