Tuesday, August 28, 2007


From the "sounds of crickets chirping" files: CHINA: Couple sues govt. agency for forced abortion at 9 months.

From the "not that there's any media bias" files: Jivin' J asks, "What's up with this headline?" What's up indeed!

goddessbizbitch blogs: "I've had more than my share of abortions... and i've gone through the porcedure so many times that its like a check-up now. I go in, i put my legs in the stirrups, i hold my breath, leave, and hit the mall an hour later. In and out-almost like a drive thru baby clinic. The same can be said for many of those around me who have abortions also. It's almost petrifying to realize that a lot of us use the abortion practice like it's birth control, when so many other have complications, and trauma from enduring the practice once." She's contemplating yet another abortion: "However, if i do have an abortion, i put it on my brother, this will be the LAST and FINAL one-so help me God."

Liberal Debutante is bewildered that "In this fair, liberal, loving city you can't get an abortion." Well, LD that's a no-brainer, since abortion and fairness are poles apart, and abortion and love are antethetical. She might as well lament that "In this tolerant, welcoming, friendly city, you can't muster a decent lynch mob."

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