Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What, me biased?

The email I sent to Ms. Kristin Zambo (, the enthusiastic PP supporter who has been turning the Aurora Beacon News into a Planned Parenthood newsletter:

Dear Ms. Zambo,

Your coverage of the Planned Parenthood stealth clinic sounds like it's taken virtually verbatim from Planned Parenthood press releases, to the point where I'm going to suggest to Eric Schiedler that he get copies of the press releases in question and compare them to your stories. You'll note that I'm sending his organizaiton a cc of this email. I'm also sending copies to the editors you work for.

I realize that you did some independent research -- to try to back PP's claims that their stealth clinic is "needed" and "wanted" in Aurora. You did zero research that I can see to look into the concerns expressed by opponents of the facility.

You also forget that people know what you're ommitting as well. Such as the fact that Jakubowski, the former abortionist for the city, was such a seedy, greedy quack that even the feminists wanted to see him shut down. A real "man bites dog" story that I notice you didn't consider worth bringing up in your concise history of abortion in Aurora.

There's also the fact that the city council meeting in question was packed with opponents of the stealth clinic, but you only quoted one of the facility's two supporters at length.

You made abundantly clear your viewpoint that the opponents of the facilty are wasting everybody's time, just a bunch of troublemakers who should shut up and go home:

"turning the usually staid meeting into a sometimes fiery exchange, shouting down one alderman and plowing through a three-minute speaking time rule."

"124 people signed up to talk about the health center -- an item not on the City Council's agenda."

"the 6:15 p.m. meeting dragged late into the night."

"After the outburst"

You gave the impression that out-of-towners were trying to silence Aurora citizens:

"As Alderman Leroy Keith, 9th Ward, called for comments to be cut off at 9 p.m. and allow Aurora residents first crack at speaking, he was met with yells of "No! No!" through the crowd."

The reports I've read from people who attended were that the opponents of the facility were very much in favor of allowing Aurora residents to speak first. They were only opposed to the cut-off time.

And you made it plain that you see no problem with how PP slid their plans in under the radar:

"The center was approved by the council's Planning and Development Committee last November and did not require full City Council approval." With no mention of the false statements made on applications.

The world is watching you, Ms. Zambo, and you're not putting on a very credible act.

Christina Dunigan

I cc'd Families Against Planned Parenthood (, Managing Editor Denise Crosby (, Associate Editor John Russell (,, News Editor Tom Johnson (, and Content Specialist Joseph DeRosier (

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