Friday, August 10, 2007

Too obscene for convicts, just "delightful" for kids

Planned Parenthood material rejected by prison

As part of a routine mailing, American Life League had sent a packet of information to a prison inmate, including a censored version of materials Planned Parenthood produces for elementary age sex education, aged 10 and up.

The warden sent it back, noting that it was obscene and thus contraband and not permitted in prison.

I'm trying to track down the material in question. Has anybody seen it?


JacqueFromTexas said...

I have. Jim Sedlak brought it to one of his talks. It's cartoon pornography to put it midly.

JacqueFromTexas said...

Here's the book they use:

JacqueFromTexas said...

Here's a link.

JacqueFromTexas said...

Sadly, you can't see inside but here are some reviews that shed light on the contents:

It's Perfectly Normal, October 19, 2006
By Cynthia M. Anning (Virginia)

Well what *IS* normal anyway? If normal to you is giving your child a book with lots of comic style nudity, directions for masterbating, exactly HOW to have sex (etc.) then you might want to grab this and run! If your child is average to above average intellectually he or she will have a full understanding of how to pleasure him or herself and how to perform the deed by the time they are finished. Of course there are warnings of pregancy, sickness (STD'S), and death (AIDS) if they are to do this while unprotected, so no worries there. You'd have to see the book to believe it. I was shocked when I started looking through it, and was doubling over with laughter that I had actually considered giving this to my 10 year old son. Actually, I did hand it to him in the car before I actually looked at it and he was shocked by the second page, gave it back and said "I think this is WAY too old for me Mama", and it turned out he was right! I'll never hand him something like that again without looking first.

Not age appropriate. Shocking., September 18, 2006
By Leigh A. Wear (Mechanicsville, VA United States)

I purchased this for my 11 year old son. I am so thankful that I read this book before giving it to him or going straight to discussing it. The pictures are hand drawn but graphic. Far too much detail for the target audience. Kids need to know about sexuality but they don't need to know EVERYTHING before they are even teen-agers. I would be upset to find this in a school library. This book definitely needs to be used with supervision. I returned this book as I believe its content is inappropriate for the cover advertised age of 10 years old.

Christina Dunigan said...

Jacque, doesn't Jim post the materials mailed to the prison anyplace, so we can see for ourselves?

JacqueFromTexas said...

Not on the ALL/STOPP website. I looked.

I had to search a ton of different things to find this in Amazon.

MDHichborn said...


Send me an e-mail, and I'll be happy to try and send you a copy of the letter we sent out.