Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another attempt to criminalize hope

Pro-Abortion Lawmaker Reintroduces Bill Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Sen. Robert Menendez is one initiating this attack this time. I want to rant about his motivations, but I don't know them. It could be that his only mistake is to believe the lies of the abortion lobby. This might reflect ill on his intellect, but his heart might actually be in the right place.

Let's at least attempt to get a few bits of truth into his head. It's up to him if he's willing to put women's well-being ahead of his politics.
Who Should We Investigate?

Look here for how to contact your own Senator. I especially encourage women who have first-hand experience with CPCs or abortion facilities to step forward.

I ranted at Senator Menendez thus:

I am staggered that you are reintroducing the ages-old attack on pregnancy centers that offer real help and hope to pregnant women.

I have no idea how to reach you, to get you to think of the women who are injured and even killed because they trust abortion businesses. One of your own constituents, Eileen Smith, lost her precious daughter Laura just last year. Laura believed the advertisements, believed that her doctor would safeguard her well-being. Instead, he put her under general anesthesia with nobody to monitor her. She died on the abortion table. Another consitutent of yours, George Zallie, lost his daughter Stacy to a post-abortion suicide because her abortion facility did nothing to properly screen her or to ensure adequate aftercare.

Young women die becaues of abortion industry practices. The worst that can happen to a woman in even the most unprofessional CPC is that she might be annoyed. Why is it that people like you would rather see a woman killed by a prochoicer than annoyed by a prolifer?

What would it take to convince you to put aside politics and start caring about women's lives, health, and well-being? Tell me, I beg of you. Tell me what it would take to get you to even examine the evidence with an open mind. Tell me how to convince you that the lives of Laura Smith and Stacy Zallie mattered. What will it take to make you care?

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