Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cute girl or horrible monster?

Tiny Teenager Stands Tall Despite Her Height of 23 Inches

Standing at 23 inches tall — and weighing in at just 11 pounds — Jyoti Amge is no ordinary teenager. In fact, the 14-year-old is the world's smallest girl, according to the Indian Book of Records.

Amge has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, which affects an estimated one out of every 25,000 births and occurs in all races.

But, her tiny size hasn't hampered her spirit one bit.

Many doctors, however, beg to differ. You could say their motto is to take to heart Randy Newman's flippant line, "Don't want no short people 'round here."

So, should being short bring a death sentence?

Yeah, I know, "It's up to the mother."

What if somebody passed a law that YOUR mom got to make all your life decisions for you? A law that allowed Mom to deny you any choices, ever?

Well, that's what abortion does. Allows Mom to decide that this particular baby should never, ever get to make any choices. Maybe because the kid will be short. Maybe just because Mom made other plans.

So much for choice.

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