Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hell freezes over

Fox News is reporting on the racial disparity in abortion sales.

The article also covered PP's racist history and the fact that readily available abortion increases the pregnancy rate.


But the article overlooked one more piece of information: After the Black woman is sold her abortion, she is twice as likely as a white woman to die from abortion complications.

Still, this article is a ray of hope that the strangle-hold Planned Parenthood has on the US media is finally being loosened.


Anonymous said...

Black women are nearly 4 times as likely to die from "maternal mortality" as white women. This is defined as a death within either 42 days or 1 year of the end of a pregnancy, whether miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or birth. The time limit varies by country. The admitted mortality is known to be less than the actual mortality, because most death certificates don't probe if a woman of child-bearing age was recently pregnant. here is my post on that. This is an outrage, regardless of race; but even more so when black women are being targeted for a procedure that can kill them.


Christina Dunigan said...

I think part of the problem is lack of prompt prenatal care.

I read an article that broke down women into risk groups by number of prenatal visits:

1. Zero visits -- Moderate risk
2. Some visits, but fewer than recommended -- Low risk
3. At or slightly above the recommended number of visits -- Lowest risk
4. Much more than the recommended number of visits -- High risk

Goup 4 is at highest risk, of course, because it's the women with the serious health problems who have so many prenatal visits. But the authors were impressed with how just one prenatal visit reduced risks -- most likely by introducing the woman into the system and ensuring that she had at least one screening for risk factors.

What I'd like to see is a program that encourages every woman, as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed, to go for a prenatal exam. Of course the abortion lobby would fight it tooth and nail because of the built-in presumption that she might carry to term, but the exam would also benefit her even if she elected to abort later, because the health screening could also find risk factors for abortion and get her better care than the standard abortion mill.