Thursday, April 17, 2008

The value of a child

Baby girl in India a treasure, for a change.

The author, Julia Gorin, notes that India, famous for sex-selection abortions, has nevertheless embraced Kumar, a little girl who is described as being a baby with two faces. (I suspect we're seeing two little girls with one body; it depends on whether there is one brain or two in that tiny head.) Gorin further notes that Lakshmi, a little girl born with four legs, was also embraced in a country that usually devalues girls. Gorin concludes, "So now we know the secret to not getting buried in the desert if you’re born female in India: Deformity."

We also know the secret, apparently, to not being targeted for abortion or euthanasia if you happen to be different: Get concieved in India.

The difference, it seems, between being adored as a diety and being thrown away as medical waste depends on the value system of the adults around you.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all meet in the middle and simply welcome them as babies?

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Nathan Will Sheets said...

I love Julia Gorin! I blogged about her here.