Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who is the guilty party here?

So You Want to Be a McCain Democrat

It's a rabble-rousing piece of spin designed to demonize John McCain and scare Democrats into picking either Hillary or Obama, regardless of how loathsome they find whichever candidate gets the nomination. It's what you'd expect. But here's a little gem (italics mine):

Democrats thinking of voting for John McCain should ask themselves if they want a hot-tempered, right-wing Republican in the White House - keeping his foot on the gas in Iraq, sentencing women to illegal abortions, and pouring cement around President Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

I would like to know what bill McCain has introduced to sentence women to illegal abortions. I assume it's similar to the "mandatory motherhood" bills Republicans are famous for. You know, the ones that check the census data, find women who have failed to reproduce, and send insemination squads out to wrestle them to the ground and knock them up with a turkey baster.

The only people who are in favor of illegal abortions are hardcore abortion advocates, who disguise themselves as prochoice, and who -- to judge by their behavior -- figure that a dead mother is preferable to a live baby.

Let's say it again: Prolifers are no more in favor of illegal abortions than they are of legal ones. They want ZERO abortions. The only people in favor of illegal abortions are people who approve of legal abortions as well.

When abortion was illegal, who was performing abortions anyway? Abortion advocates. Now that abortion is legal, you still catch the occasional abortion advocate performing -- Fancy that! -- illegal abortions.

When, after all, is the last time a die-hard right-to-lifer was caught performing any sort of abortion at all?

Among the peopple waving coathangers now are the ones who will be wielding them if abortion is reciminalized. Judging by their behavior, they'd rather see a woman die a horrible death than get any real help with a stressful pregnancy, as evidenced by the regularly with which they attack prolife pregnancy centers.

Who would "sentence women to illegal abortions"? Look around you, prochoice America. It's people you think are your allies, hidden in the prochoice movement. You can identify them by their dedication to abortion as a practice, regardless of the effects on the women in question. It's the people who started a legal defense fund for Bruce Steir when he killed Sharon Hamplton. It's the people who deliberately block attempts to get quacks out of the abortion business. It's people who talk a prochoice talk, but when the rubber hits the road it's the abortion that matters, not the woman who feels it's her only choice.

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