Monday, April 14, 2008

Kansas: Another abuse victim returned to abuser

Abortion Corruption Scandal Continues As Board of Healing Arts Ignores Abortionist’s Concealment Of Child Rape

Stepfather repeatedly abuses girls for four years. Mom goes to prison for allowing it to go on. The abortionist who vacuumed one of the girls out -- when she was only 11 years old -- gets a pass from the Medical Board.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts closed an investigation of abortionist Sherman Zaremski, finding that he did not violate the state’s Healing Arts Act even though overwhelming evidence exists that he concealed an incident of child rape that allowed a young girl’s abuser, Robert Estrada, to continue his attacks on her and her sister for an additional four years.

The Board had access to court documents, medical records, and even news reports that clearly showed Zaremski never reported the 11-year old child’s pregnancy and abortion, as required by law.

What I want to know is whether this scumbag abortionist is being prosecuted for having allowed this to go on, and what other medical professionals knew about the repeated pregnancies but failed to report it. I'm just an EMT, and I'm required to report suspected child sexual abuse. If I pulled a pregnant underage girl out of a car wreck, I could lose my EMT certification if I didn't report the pregnancy to Child Protective Services so they could investigate. Why am I held to a higher standard than a physician?

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Anonymous said...

This sets my teeth on edge. Go figure. But then- I always experience rage (again)-when I hear of this kind of thing- I reported my not yet ex to the local social services (by law- and common decency) nothing. So I went for divorce- incestuous b#$tard got custody.Happens frequently.
Maybe the creep was a "friend" of the abuser-

Christina Dunigan said...

I think the seeds of the Life Dynamics investigation of abortion facilities' facilitation of child abuse started with a call I got from a man when I was working there. He had just learned that his 13-year-old daughter's stepfather had taken her for her THIRD abortion to get rid of his handiwork. There was, at the time, absolutely nothing the father could do, because though the laws on the books require reporting and getting the girl out of the abusive situation, precendent was to just overlook the facilitation of the abuse. That father was in a world of hurt, and legally he had no recourse.