Friday, April 11, 2008

The new abortion videos

Priests for Life has produced two simple, straightforward videos which use actual instruments and fetal models to demonstrate and explain how abortions are performed, by the two most common methods. Suction abortion is used through about 12 weeks:

PFL also provides a collection of descriptions culled from testimony by the doctors who perform this procedure. PFL also provides a medical diagram of the procedure, including a photograph of the end result.

D&E is used from 12 weeks on. After about 20 weeks (though Pavone does not go into this), the provider of vital reproductive health care services will often use a lethal injection the day before so that the baby rots overnight and is easier to dismember.

Here is a medical illustration of the procedure, which you can purchase from the company that produces them.

And in case you doubt that abortions are really performed that late in pregnancy, or if you're convinced that they're only done in dire medical circumstances involving threats to the mother's life, check out these ads:

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