Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Teen drowns newborn in middle school toilet

CPS Intervenes in Case of Baby Drowned at School

1. What's a 14-year-old doing pregnant without somebody being held accountable? Who is the father of this baby? Another clueless teenager? A sexual predator? Why wasn't CPS already involved?

2. This happened in Houston. It's not as if Houston lacks abortion "services". Evidently an abundance of abortion facilities isn't some sort of panacea for infanticide. One might argue -- and I would -- that the very abundance of abortion facilities gives the message that life is cheap and that babies are disposable.

Yes, I know that infanticide is as old as sin. I'm just pointing out that abortion, which was supposed to eliminate child abuse, isn't living up to its supporters' expectations.


Christina said...

Texas requires the permission of at least one parent before a minor can recieve an abortion, except in the case of "medical emergency", or a court order bypassing parental authority.

I'm sure the local abortion clinics have found ways around this, though.

The pro-aborts will probably try to blame this on parental consent law, rather than looking at this girl's family situation to find out whose lack of supervision gave her the opportunity to become pregnant in the first place. It is also doubtful that they will ask (or care) who the father is and how it is possible that she doesn't speak to her parents about these things.

Anonymous said...
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Christina Dunigan said...

Gotta nuke that rude comment.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you are you blaming the death of this innocent infant on the existence of abortion clinics. PLEASE take time to look harder at the "real" world out there. It isn't all loving families and christian values. Which death would have been worse for this baby? Pre-natal or post?

Christina Dunigan said...

Why can't we as a society choose, "Killing babies is always wrong" instead of trying to enforce a size limit and thinking it will reduce the idea that babies are disposable?