Monday, April 28, 2008

What's the priority here?

I've been researching criminal abortions again, and I'm coming across hagiographic pages about Dr. William Jennings Bryan Henrie, an Oklahoma physician/abortionist. All the writers gush about what a kindly, grandfatherly fellow he was, how he never judged and always helped a woman "in need".


That's the thing I can never get past. Abortion wouldn't be bad if it didn't kill babies. But once you remove your blinders and see the dead baby, all the dressing about what a kindly guy old Doc Henrie was, what pickles the women were in, how their families were relieved that he'd unburdened them, etc, gets pretty sickening. The woman goes back to life as normal. Henrie pockets his fee. The BABY is dead.

That's an awfully big thing to just brush off as irrelevant. I can't do it.

One more interesting thing: Everybody goes into rhapsodies about what a saint old Doc Henrie was. They hardly even bother to notice the woman he was convicted of killing in a botched abortion. And when they do mention her, it's not to recognize her as a human being, as somebody whose life and death mattered. This woman's death gets noticed by Henrie's cheerleaders only to lament that he got picked on for it.

Nobody even bothers to mention her name.

Supposedly it's all about the woman. But you know what? I found all these web sites about what a great guy old Doc Henrie because I was trying to find out about this woman. I wanted to know about her, about who she was, about what had happened to end her life. But I found diddly squat, not even her hame. None of the advocates for women bothers to even mention it. She was a nobody to them. It's all about him.

This woman died. And the only significance she had to the supporters of "women" is that she caused so much trouble for poor beleaguered Doc Henrie.

If the babies are just disposable, and the women are nobody, who is it all about, really? Or perhaps the better question is what is it all about?

UPDATE: They don't care. I do. I tracked her down. I learned her name: Jolene Griffith. She had a name. She had a life. She had a husband. She had three children. She mattered.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

This is such an excellent post! It voices what I have long thought -- at the end of the day, at the end of the abortion, the baby is dead. What else matters?

I also thought you might like to see this story. This family found out at 20 weeks of pregnancy that their baby had lethal birth defects, and the doctors recommended abortion. They chose life, and were able to spend a few hours with their baby.


Christina Dunigan said...

But Kathy, for the abortion supporter, supposedly it's all about the woman. But when she has the bad grace to die, she's treated like the fetus she was aborting -- as some troublesome pest -- only she was a pest to the abortionist rather than to The Woman.

BTW, I cross-indexed against my own files and identified the woman: Jolene Joyce Griffith. She had a name. How odd that it was the anti-woman anti-choicer who cared enough about her to find that out.