Monday, April 21, 2008

No shame

Vietnam deserved the Communists, if this is the sort of men they had.


Alexandra said...

Rather than condemn an entire country because its citizens were so mind-numbingly panicked that they acted in shameful ways, do you not feel absolute sadness -- at what those people must have gone through in order to get to a point where they would abandon their families for the fleeting chance to breathe for another day? I don't think this has anything to do with "the sort of men" the Vietnamese had, or how they "deserved the Communists." I think it perfectly illustrates the concept of "there but for the grace of God go I." I can't even imagine what someone would have to do to make my father abandon us, but it would be really freaking horrible.

Christina Dunigan said...

I suppose you're right. But there's still a profound shame in men -- healthy young men -- trampling old people, women, and children to save their own skins.

If you don't hold up this kind of behavior as reprehensible, you just encourage it.

People fail to live up to standards, which is why you need to make them high. If you lower them, then people will fail to live up to the even lower standards. Why do you think abortion is so common? Because the bar has been lowered so far that the only inadequate justification for abortion is "It was my art project."

JosephineMO7 said...


I disagree. Woman and children had very little value in the orient(as well as other regions honestly) and they abandoned their children more likely because they felt they were worth more than because they were in a panic. You look at Europe and America and in situations of extreme panic where the men were sure they were going to die they put their wives and children on the rescue vehicle first..

These are the same countries that abort their girl babies at astronomical rates now. They didn't value woman any more then than they do now..

My midwife goes to India to help the midwives over there and has heard stories about woman being pushed off of boats that are threating to sink in shark infested waters.. Its a cultural thing and not just a panic thing I guarantee you. It is most definitely an I am more important person than you because I am a man so you are the one who has to die kinda thing..