Saturday, June 14, 2008

1983: Hospital abortion fatal

A lawsuit filed by Eduardo Bermeo alleged that his wife, Rosario Bermeo, age 30, died following a safe and legal abortion performed by Dr. Joseph B. Shapse at Prospect Hospital in New York June 14, 1983.

Shapse contended he had no responsibility for actions of the certified nurse anesthetist, and no responsibility to monitor and evaluate Rosario's condition during and immediately after the abortion. Therefore, he said, he was not to blame for her death from respiratory and cardiac arrest.


D said...

Here's a question: is the anesthesia-related death rate from abortion any higher than the anesthesia-related death rate of any other procedure?

Christina Dunigan said...

Don't know. Do know that I'm not the first person to notice that abortionists were inexcusably sloppy with anesthesia.