Thursday, June 19, 2008

Abortion ship runs aground

Abortion Ship Heads to Ecuador But Literally Runs Aground, Endangers Women

Now, I don't fault them for running aground in a storm. But I do fault them for their plan to take women into international waters, give them abortion pills, then send them home to deal with complications on their own.

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger, brought the ironic situation to the attention of and noted how the pro-abortion group is putting women's lives at risk.

"WoW is now promoting self-administered RU-486 abortions in countries where abortion is illegal. WoW always was about medical, not surgical abortions, which explained the small size of its 'ship,'" Stanek explained.

Stanek pointed out a comment in a WOW press release saying "in order to be able to sail to international waters to allow women to swallow the abortion pill, one does not need a huge ship with a hospital on board. There is no risk at all that a medical problem associated with the medication can happen at high sees [sic]."

Ah, Jill, but you don't understand. The medical records aboard ship will show no complications, since they'll have sailed off to someplace else by the time the woman develops sepsis or hemorrhage. They'll have a nice (albeit bogus) safety record to show potential donors. What more do they really need?

Folks, if you want to donate to a ship that provides real medical care, check out Mercy Ships. In addition to the life-changing and life-saving surgery to address tumors and cataracts, women are provided with desperately needed fistula surgery. And Mercy Ships also provide agricultural training to prevent the malnutrition that is the biggest cause of the obstructed labor that causes obstetric fistulas.

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