Friday, June 13, 2008

Trying to make up lost revenues

Pennsylvania Abortion Center Turns to "Pledge a Protester" Fundraiser

The Allentown Women's Center abortion business in Pennsylvania is tired of the constant presence of pro-life advocates outside its facility. In a passive aggressive effort to intimidate the protesters and compel them to stop, the abortion center is resorting to the old "Pledge a Protester" campaign.

The abortion business hopes to raise money from supporters for every minute pro-life advocates appear outside the center to help women find abortion alternatives.

"We're trying to get a no-lose situation," an AWC director Jennifer Boulanger told WFMZ-TV. She said the funds will go to pro-abortion groups.

Yeah, when somebody offers women real help, they turn away and the abortion clinic loses.

But ya know, maybe there's something in this. What if tax funding for "prevention" services hinged on the services actually working? That, say, if Planned Parenthood wanted money to pass out contraceptives, they'd only get the money if teen pregnancy rates and abortion rates fell in their cachement area?


D said...

Pardon me, but the abortion rate HAS been falling for years. The study that Guttmacher released last year attributes this to about 85% incresed contraceptive use and the rest to changed sexual behaviors. We should all be thanking Planned Parenthood and other providers of contraception and real sex ed.

For teen pregnancy, I don't have data off the top of my head, but you could hit for some good peer-reviewed studies.

D said...

PS -- And if the funding abstinence-only sex ed were dependent on it actually working...

Christina Dunigan said...

D. WHERE has it been falling, and why?

Look at the "report cards" Planned Parenthood gives states for "prevention" and you'll see that the ones that get the highest "prevention" scores are nearly 100% those with the highest abortion rates. In other words, what they're doing isn't working.

In my own state, Pennsylvania, we have two rural counties right next to each other, Somerset and Bedford. Very similar populations and demographics. I've spent a large part of my life living in one or the other and I can tell from experience that they are also culturally the same.

But Somereset County has an abortion rate twice as high as the abortion rate of Bedford County.

Somerset County has a Planned Parenthood. Bedford County doesn't.

I can't tell you if this is causal or if they have the same underlying cause. Does Somerset County have double the abortion rate because PP is meddling, or are both the higher abortion rate and the presence of a PP the parallel results of something in the water?