Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Searches: Quacks, fetuses, and ectopics

John Hamilton Oklahoma murder: that would be abortionist John Hamilton, who bludgeoned his wife, Susan, to death in the bathroom of their home on Valentine's Day of 2001.

Chance for tubal pregnancy survival: For the baby, as close to none as makes no odds. For the mom, conservative management has what most folks would probalby consider a surprising survival rate. And -- little-known fact -- the mom's chance of death is actually greater if she seeks an abortion than if she intends to carry to term.

Self abortion: Not a great idea. Also the common perception is way off.

18-week fetus: Before, during, and after the abortion. Somebody also wanted 20-week fetus, and there is really very little difference other than size. Here is information on abortion at 20 weeks. And somebody else wanted 16-week abortion.

how late can you have a abortion in nj: Steve Brigham advertises up to 24 weeks, which I assume is the legal cut-off for elective abortion. Trust him at your own risk.

Dr Delhi Thweat: Performed the fatal abortion on Kelly Morse in 1996

Douglas Karpen: Performed the fatal abortion on 15-year-old Denise Montoya in 1988 at a National Abortion Federation member clinic. And I myself heard a tape of Karpen at a National Abortion Federation meeting complaining that prolifers were interfering with his late-abortion business by helping women who changed their minds get the laminaria removed so they could continue their pregnancies. Instead of suggesting that he improve his counseling techniques so that he wouldn't be initiating abortions on women who were uncertain, his fellows suggested that he have his patients sign papers promising to continue the abortions even if they changed their minds.

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