Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Scar from abortion: These can be nasty.

18-week fetus: Before, during, and after the abortion. Somebody also wanted 20-week fetus, and there is really very little difference other than size. Here is information on abortion at 20 weeks.

Justin M. Norton: reporter who never bothered to fact-check Barbara Boxer's absurd claims about pre-Roe abortion mortality.

Mary Pena: Mother of five who bled to death during a safe, legal abortion at a National Abortion Federation member facility

Robert Meger: The only one I know of is Robert F. Meger, abortionist.

Lysol douching: Ads for Lysol douching might explain some of the "Lysol abortion" stories the abortion lobby loves to regale us with.

Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge: Well, there's this seedy abortion mill.

Molly Heidemann: One of the folks who signed the deceitful Planned Parenthood petition that created a phony CPC out of whole cloth then pretended it was representative of CPCs in general. Molly added the comment, "Women have the right to accurate information!" Evidently she is either under the impression that women actually get such information at PP, or she knows better and is part of passing on the lies.

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