Friday, June 06, 2008

Failed abortion

The blogosphere is abuzz about Jodie Percival, the British mom whose third child survived an 8-week abortion attempt.

This sort of thing isn't all that unusual. This study found that 46 babies survived the 65,045 abortions performed. That's about one in every 1,400 abortions. With 1.2 million abortions done every year in the US, that's about 849 babies every year that survive a first-trimester abortion attempt.

The Washington State Department of Health noted that reported failed abortions are at .1%, which if extrapolated for the entire US would be roughly 1,200 babies surving first-trimester abortion attempts annually.

A study at a Planned Parenthood 17 babies survived out of 1,155 they attempted to kill by abortion -- a 1.5% failed abortion rate. Extrapolated to the entire US, this would mean roughly 18,000 babies surviving first trimester abortions.

This site cites a Planned Parenthood study. The failure rate for chemical abortion raged from 1% to 9%, and suction abortions had a failure rate of .2%.

I'm guessing that different facilities have different rates of failed abortion, just as they have different rates of other complications. But clealry, somewhere between aout 850 and 1,800 babies are surviving first-trimester attepts to kill them.

I've not been able to find any studies on what percent of mothers have somebody finish the kid off, and what percent let the child continue to gestate unmolested. But odds are pretty solid that about 1,000 American women every year get a second chance at motherhood after making an initial choice of death for their child. The fact that many of them do choose life after having initially choosing abortion casts some doubt over claims that abortion is so "necessary". After all, if having that baby would utterly ruin her life, it will still utterly ruin her life even if it's gestated a couple of extra weeks. If the fact that the baby is a bit bigger and older is enough to change the woman's mind, she never had that compelling a reason in the first place, did she?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these failed abortions were intentional -- so that the moms would have to come back in the 2nd trimester and pay not just for a second procedure, but a more expensive one as well. On the Abortion Facts website, there is an interview with a former abortionist who admitted that they did that. But, they're just helping women, you understand.


Christina Dunigan said...

I know that Robert Sherman, the guy who killed Rita McDowell, used to deliberately perform incomplete abortions so he could charge more for follow-up. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that some of them just poke about without really trying to accomplish much, either because they get paid either way, or so they can get paid more for follow-up.

I was about to say that I doubted that they'd do that at a facility that at least bothered to try to tally their complications. But then again, C*R*A*S*H tabulated their complications -- without bothering to actually document them! They're the ones who charted a dead patient as "pink, alert, responsive". So she'd not have shown up as even a complication on their paperwork, much less as a death.

Anonymous said...

Abortion is such an ugly topic, the whole idea of a person been formed in side another is beautiful, what destroys the beautifulness of this is when the baby in not wanted.

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Hannah said...

All medical procedures have failure rates to them, since modern medicine isn't perfect. So why use the whole "some fetuses survive an abortion attempt" as an excuse to say that abortion should be illegalized, yet refuse to use the EXACT SAME REASONING when it comes to illegalizing any other medical procedure? I mean, if someone had to get an organ transplant, but their body rejected the new organ, would you use that as an excuse to say that organ transplants should be illegal?

Christina Dunigan said...

Hannah, "Sometimes the baby survives" isn't a reason to ban abortion, no. "Most of the time the baby dies" IS.