Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LA Times features PP's teen Shill for Sex

Smart talk from South L.A.'s 'sex ed girl'

Andreina Cordova has a 15-minute window to change a life, just a few moments between the dismissal of classes and the beginning of soccer practice.

And how does she work to change a life?

She mentioned the services available -- health exams, birth control, STD testing, free condoms -- and the location.

She paused, then effortlessly asked the 16-year-old: "Do you want some condoms?"

He smirked and replied, "Yeah, sure."

Yup -- Let's push the transition from merely curious to actually experimenting. All the cool kids are experimenting with sex! They can get free health exams, birth control, STD testing! Why be the odd one out? Everybody else is down at PP, availaing themselves of these ever-so-grownup services. Being treated like an adult. Being independent. Isn't it cooler to go to PP all by yourself than to be taken to the pediatrician by your mother? Do you want to be the sole immature baby who isn't hip like "Sex Ed Girl?"

PP understands peer pressure. And they're working it.

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trailer park said...

She briefly spoke with two classmates. The 16-year-old boys listened intently, their grins fading as she rattled off a list of STDs to watch out for. They asked about the symptoms of chlamydia -- pain during urination or in the groin area -- with one of them adding: "Can you keep this private?"

Oh noes! Teens educating their peers about STDs! The horror!!

Andreina's work is anchored in Planned Parenthood's Ujima Program, which preaches more abstinence and less sex. At least "until you know what you're getting into and the consequences," Andreina said.

Planned Parenthood is employing teens to preach ABSTINENCE and STD awareness to each other?!! DEAR GOD NO!!!!!

Andres said Andreina's work as a peer advocate was more of a health issue than a moral one, and thinks that learning about the consequences of unprotected sex has actually pushed Andreina closer to abstinence.

"There's a time in my life that's going to come when I'll have to make some of the same decisions I'm counseling for," she said, "but it's not the right time for me yet. And I'm comfortable with that."

SHE'S COMFORTABLE WITH ABSTINENCE, TOO?? CLEARLY this Planned Parenthood has not got the memo from anti-choicers that they're supposed to be PUSHING SEX ON CHILDREN!!!!