Monday, June 02, 2008

OT: More Money Than Taste

One thing I love about Hollywood awards shows is the opportunity to yuk it up over the bizarre things those folks -- most often the women -- will wear in order to .... um.... I'm not quite sure why anybody would voluntarily dress like this in public, much less shell out big bucks for the privilege:

Here we have an ensemble topped with what appears to be one of Madonna's old training bras.

Remember in "Gone With the Wind", how Scarlett made a dress out of the curtains? Well, move over, draperies, it's time to cannibalize the naughide armchair.

Who knew you could cut the bottom out of a pink laundry bag, belt it, and wear it as a dress?

This costume was evidently stolen from the wardrobe of "Amazon Women on the Moon."

"Remember, Daddy, if anybody asks, I didn't dress you."

Johnny Depp evidently is feeling nostalgic for his Edward Scissorhands days, and finds comfort in the odd-placed buckle.

This guy is refreshing, because of all of them, he's the only one who is clearly *trying* to be funny.


Anonymous said...

Do you read Go Fug Yourself? It is a font of awful celebrity clothing choices.

Christina Dunigan said...

Can you post a URL?

JosephineMO7 said...

I actually wear my belts off center. The buckle tends to poke my belly button even when I am not pregnant. Very irritating.

Anonymous said...


What gets me is that these people PAY people to tell them to wear stuff that a blind monkey on drugs wouldn't wear.

Christina Dunigan said...

Let me turn that into a link: here.