Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CA prolifers rally against tax-funded abortions

California Pro-Life Advocates Rally at Capitol Against Tax-Funded Abortions

California pro-life advocates participated in a rally today at the state capitol to protest state taxpayer funding of abortions. The state spends more than $33 million to pay for the abortions of poor women even though main abortion business Planned Parenthood brought in $1 billion in revenue last year.

The Coalition for Women and Children was one of several groups to help organize the event and it said California shouldn't be funding abortions in the middle of a budget crisis.


"The women and children of our state need services, not abortions," the group continued. "Abortions hurt the women who have them and deprive us of the children who are our legacy."

Twenty-five other groups participated in the rally, including the California Prolife Council, California Right to Life, the Capitol Research Institute, Catholics for the Common Good, Concerned Women for America, Democrats for Life of California, Latinos 4Life, Lutherans for Life and many others.


Sympathetic legislators followed with their pledges to do what they could to halt the funding and two post-abortive women shared how their abortions destroyed their lives.....

Not to mention how these tax-funded abortions destroyed the lives of Sharon Hamplton (pictured, left, with son) and her family.

And the lives of Diana Lopez (pictured, right, with her children) and her family.

And these are just the deaths where coverage mentioned that the abortion was taxpayer-funded. Since public-pay patients suffer a higher rate of complications than private-pay, I have no doubt that there are plenty of others where the state has bought death for a woman at taxpayer expense, all to fill the cofferes of seedy abortionists.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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