Friday, June 20, 2008

Yet another mill shuts down

1 Down ... 5 to Go (in Dallas)

Late-term abortion center in Dallas to close

Aaron Women's Health Center performed abortions up to 23 weeks. Last day for abortions is reported to be Saturday, June 28th.

Aaron's was the focus of a previous 40 Days for Life Campaign - the 2nd one held in the nation, from December 12, 2004 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) - January 22, 2005 (anniversary of tragic Roe v Wade decision) when it was remodeling to do late-term abortions

Rumored to have been sinking financially

I only have one lawsuit on file against them -- thought that doesn't mean there weren't more:

NAF member, 1991 Annual Report
Suit by Penny C. alleged: 1990 abortion of healthy fetus by Enrique Pinkusiewicz and/or Laurie G. Harris at Aaron; Penny and her husband had been led to believe that the fetus "was deformed, ill and would be born handicapped. ...when, in fact, the baby was normal and healthy. If she had known the truth about her baby's condition ... she would not have had the abortion;" severe and possibly permanent suffering and anguish. (Dallas County District Court Cause No. 92-08234)


Destiny said...

God is good; he took down the giant here in Dallas!

Anonymous said...

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