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Baby Rowan video

The video below is not available right now; it's been taken down by the person who posted it. I'm wondering if they took it down at the request of Rowan's mom. I had sent her an email telling her about it and asking for her thoughts. We spoke about it and she'll let me know what, if anything, she wants people to know about the video at a later time.

The audio track was tapes of the 911 call made by Rowan's mom's friend, and the communications between the 911 call center and rescue. The visuals were a mix of shots of the facility where Rowan died, TV and internet screen shots about the facility and abortionist and events, and pictures of Rowen himself.

Here is a transcript:
OFD: Orlando Fire Department.


OFD: Thank you what is the address of the emergency?

Friend: 609 West Virginia Street. The EPOC Center.

OFD: 609 West Virginia? One moment please.

Friend: Let's see ... I don't have the address on me. A friend of mine called form the abortion clinic and her baby was born alive.

OFD: Okay. Do you know the closest intersection. Did she call you on a phone?

Friend: Right, she called me off her cell phone.

OFD: Okay. Did you ask her to call 911? Because ...

Friend: She asked me to call because she was back there with no kind of ... They were just telling her to leave it ... this is gross but ... leave it in the toilet, you know, and let it die.

OFD: Is she in a house?

Friend: She's in the clinic, the abortion clinic.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: Correct. EPOC. Center. Oh my God! I'm freaking out!

OFD: Did she call from a cell phone?

Friend: She called from her cell phone.

OFD: Okay. What did you say? She was having ... the baby just came out?

Friend: Right. She as getting an abortion and the baby came out and it was still living. And they're wanting it to die.

OFD: Okay. And she's inside the clinic?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay. Let me give a call to the county. Hold on. Actually, do not hang up. Just hold on the line, okay?

Friend: Okay.


OCFR: Orange County Fire and Rescue

OFD: Hi can you look up a couple of addresses for me. I have a 911 caller on the line with a baby. She's in an abortion clinic and the baby is born and it's still alive. They don't know for how long.

OCFR: What would we be going for?

OFD: Uh, it would be for an obstetrics. It's a female that's in the center, I guess for ... it's an abortion clinic but the baby was born, and it's alive at this moment and they don't know for how long.



OFD: Orlando Fire Department.

Friend: I need an ambulance to 609 Virginia Drive in Orlando.

OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay, and what going on there?

Friend: Uh, it's the women's clinic. Uh, my friend was having an abortion and the baby was born alive.

OFD: Okay, you said the baby was born?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay, hold on one second for me.

Friend: Okay.

OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: What's the business name?

Friend: Uh, EPOC Clinic for Women. E-P-O-C.

OFD: EPOC Clinic for Women? Okay. Is there a phone in the building?

Friend: Yes.

OFD: Okay, can you call me from that or just pick up that phone and dial 911?

Friend: Uh, well I'm not there. She's there. She called me and they're not allowing her to use the phone there.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: But they're wanting the baby to die.

OFD: She wants the baby to live?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: She was expecting it to not be alive, and it is.

OFD: Okay. I'm going to get help out there.

Friend: Okay.

OFD: Just stay on the line with me.

Friend: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

OFD: Okay the baby's been born?

Friend: Correct:

OFD: How long ago, do you know?

Friend: Uh, she just called me. It wasn't 10 minutes ago. And said that the baby was born and it was alive and they were wanting her to leave it in the toilet. And uh ... just let it die. And uh ... she's not wanting that to happen.

OFD: Okay, we do have help on the way like I said. We're going try and call the center as well as have someone on the way.

Friend: Thank you very much.

OFD: Your welcome.


OFD: Hi. Can you respond with us to 609 Virginia Drive?

Ambulance: For?

OFD: Uh, this is supposed ... This is the EPOC Center E-P-O-C Center for Women. We are going for a lady that is in an abortion clinic. She says that the baby has been born ten minutes ago, but the center wants to kill the baby and will not let the mother call 911.

Ambulance: Woah!

OFD: Uhm hmm! So we have a third party calling because the mother did call 911 ... uh a family member.

Ambulance: Okay, so we are the way now. Alright. okay.

OFD: Bye!

Ambulance: Bye!

World Magazine covered Angele's story, Liberty Council published this press release. I blogged on it here and here.

To make a long story short, Angele was in a very difficult situation, and a counselor had convinced her that abortion was her best option. But when her baby was born alive in the bathroom of the clinic, she realized that she didn't want him to die. They wouldn't let her call 911, but she did manage to call a friend, who called 911 for her.

Baby Rowan died.

Coverage of Baby Rowan's short life is here, along with a photo of Baby Rowan.

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Anonymous said...

The video is no longer available.

Christina Dunigan said...


I checked and it said the video had been removed by the user, rather than removed by YouTube. I'm thinking maybe Rowan's mom asked them to take it down.

Anonymous said...

this man may be pro life but he is NOT a kind nor comapssionate man. i am angele, rowan's mom. i was distraught that no prior notice was given me.. (i do have other children who lost their brother and are suffering also)..then suddenly my "inbox" was filled with emails requesting comments. i responded only to christina. rowans conception, the entire counseling process that led to an abortion my heart did not want.. and the abortion itself was more than traumatic for me. once born alive, i fell in love with the little boy, i came to terminate. once born, my love overwhelmed me. i have suffered severe ptsd. i have grieved more than you might imagine..(unless a reader here has had a most similar experience.) jay rogers may hope to save lives...but his video has sent me into a severe mode of secondary trauma according to my therapist. no. he did not remove the video to comfort was to add music...according to my email correspondence with him. i am pro all know that.. BUT i am not pro agenda at the cost of a family's grief and suffering. i dont think Jesus is either. mr rogers is a disappointment, no matter how moving this video may be. my children are missing school. we have all just been set back 2 years. one single phone call, an advance warning and i might not be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Christina Dunigan said...

Hugs, Angele. Though that's so inadequate.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

EVERTHING that is in this video is also posted on this Blog.

In addition, the Blog reveals the mother's identity. What is the HUGE difference between Blogging and Vlogging?

Why is the video so traumatizing while the hundreds of articles and blogs on Baby Rowan are not?

What is wrong with this picture?

SurfinCypherz said...

This blog doesn't reveal the mother's identity. She chose to use the name "Angele" when dealing with the public. That doesn't identify her, any more than referring to me as "Christina" identifies me.

The video is traumatizing because the people who had the 911 tapes never played them for Angele. She had never heard them before. They have an immediacy that a transcript can't have. And unless you've been through a major life trauma, maybe you can't understand that.

Anonymous said...

That's true. Video and audio put you "there." So I agree with that.

You are talking about being compassionate toward someone who sinned and has repented. I also agree with that.

But here are some other questions:

Since killing a person who is already born is a crime, do we automatically put "compassion" and "sensitivity" over a chance to bring the murderer to justice?

We are able to help bring a murderer to justice, but we won't do it because we are afraid of what the victim's family might think by being reminded of the event ... When is it ever right to treat a murder in this way?

I look at it this way. This was a murder according to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The staff didn't let "Angele" call 911 even though this is the law.

I am sick of hearing about babies being drowned and sealed up in bags after being born alive. It's way past time to expose this for what it truly is.

Christina Dunigan said...

anon, we've been at it for more than thirty years now. And for some reason, people just don't care.

When Crutcher broke the story of gutting fetuses to sell their organs, the public outcry wasn't over live-born preemies being drowned in a pan or having their necks snapped. The public outrage centered on the idea that there was price-gouging involved.

Breaking news: Overland Park, Kansas, abortionist delivers babies as old as 32 weeks alive to be gutted for their organs! (Yawn) And he's overcharging for them! (How DARE he!)

It reminds me of the time I was with Feminists for Life in Pennsylvania, and I got a call from a recent convert, who had been an escort at a Philadelphia abortion facility until she learned that the volunteer coordinator had been lying to them and to the women. She went with her evidence to the writer and editor of the Philly Enquirer. "They're still printing lies!" she cried. I laughed and she wanted to know what was so funny. I told her, "Did you really think anything was going to change because you, personally, caught on?"

The same with Angele. The fact that Angele caught on only changes things for her. She's had her epiphany. But no amount of Angele shouting from the rooftops will change anything, any more than that former escort going to the newspaper changed anything.

It's a war of attrition, of people catching on through personal experience, one by one.