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Somebody was looking for "abortions for minors"

Here are some cases:

Angela Scott/Dolores Smith: In June of 1979, National Abortion Federation member Atlanta Women's Pavillion rose to new levels of incompetence when staff there managed to fatally injure two teenage abortion patients in less than an hour.

"April" Roe was 17 years old when she underwent a saline abortion in New York City on August 20, 1971.

Barbara Hoppert, age 16, was in the second trimester of her pregnancy. She was having the abortion on the recommendation of her physician, because of a congenital heart condition.

Beverly Moore, age 15, died after abortion by Tuckey Hayes at Chattanooga Women's Clinic -- the "Lime 5" clinic. Hayes assured Beverly's parents that she would be "all right" just fifteen minutes before she died.

Cheryl Vosseler was 17 years old when she was admitted to Fresno General Hospital on July 31, 1969, to undergo a legal abortion.

Christella Forte, age 16, screamed, convulsed, and went into cardiac arrest 27 hours after instillation of saline for an abortion. She died without ever expelling the 23-week fetus.

Dawn Ravenell's parents didn't know anything was amiss, until they got a phone call to come to the hospital right away, that Dawn was "fighting for her life."

Deanna Bell was only 13 years old when she was given massive doses of Brevitol for an abortion by Steve Lichtenberg.

Deborah Ann Lozinski languished for two months in a coma, hospitalized after an abortion at Medical Care Center in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Denise Montoya was fifteen years old and 25 weeks pregnant when her parents brought her to Women's Pavillion in Houston for an abortion on May 13, 1988.

Erica Kae Richardson was brought to abortionist Gene Crawford by her aunt on March 1, 1989. Erica's aunt reported that Crawford left the girl unattended for four hours after her abortion, then at 11PM carried her to the car and instructed her aunt to take her home.

F.S. underwent a second-trimester saline abortion on August 26, 1969. A journal article on her death identifies her as "F.S."

Germaine Newman had a second-trimester abortion performed by Dr. E. Wyman Garrett in Newark, New Jersey. The next morning Germaine's mother found her lying dead on the bathroom floor.

Gertrude Wynants died on July 19, 1925, of a criminal abortion.

Glenna Jean Foxunderwent a second trimester abortion underwent at the hands of Dr. Morris Wortman in January of 1989.

Gwendolyn Drummer was a student at Harry Ellis High in Richmond, California, when she was admitted to Doctor's Hospital of Pinole for a legal abortion.

Jammie Garcia Jammie died of horrifying complications of her safe and legal abortion.

Jennifer Suddeth underwent an abortion on June 30, 1982. Staff dismissed her common-law husband's repeated phone calls in which he expressed alarm at the amount of blood she was losing after leaving the facility.

"Julie" Roe
was only 14 years old when she underwent a legal abortion in New York on March 26, 1972.

Kathy Murphy went to Inglewood Women's Hospital in Los Angeles County for an abortion on August 24, 1973.

Katrina Poole's abortion was performed the afternoon of December 5, 1988, in a doctor's office in Jacksonville, Florida.

Laniece Dorsey underwent an abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group facility in Orange County, California, on February 6, 1986.

Latachie Veal was 17 years old, and 22 weeks pregnant, when Robert Dale Crist performed an abortion on her in 1991. Though Crist discussed her death at a National Abortion Federation event where two CDC staff were present, the CDC failed to note Latachie's death.

Loretta Morton was 16 years old when she underwent a legal abortion in December of 1983. She died of pulmonary embolism.

Maureen Espinoza underwent her legal abortion at a Houston physician's office.

Natalie Meyers was brought to San Vicente Hospital in Los Angeles by her mother on October 21, 1972.

Patricia Chacon underwent a second-trimester abortion at the hands of either Edward Allred or Leslie Orleans at Allred's Avalon Hospital in Los Angeles on the morning of March 3, 1984.

"Patricia" Roe's physician performed an abortion in his office using a catheter, followed by D&C. The abortion was incomplete, and Patricia later died of sepsis.

Rita McDowell's abortionist deliberately performed incomplete abortions so that he could charge more for follow-up care.

"Roxanne" Roe was 17 years old when she traveled to New York from Michigan to have a first-trimester abortion in a doctor's office.

Sandra Kaiser's sister signed parental consent forms for the abortion that left Sandra so depressed she flung herself into traffic.

Sara Niebel went to Midtown Hospital in Atlanta for an abortion at 17 weeks. She was given a clean bill of health and sent home.

Sharon Davis was a 17-year-old high school student, 14 weeks pregnant, when she submitted to an abortion at a hospital in Tucumcari, New Mexico on September 20, 1982.

Sharonda Rowe had an abortion done in a doctor's office in Washington, DC on October 11, 1981.

Sophie McCoy died after her 1990 abortion by National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat.

Tamia Russell died January 8, 2004, after a second trimester abortion at Woman Care Clinic in Lanthrup Village, near Detroit.

Teresa Causey's last words were, "Oh mama, mama, it hurts so much!"

Wilma Harris went to Milan Vuitch's Laurel Clinic for an abortion. Five days later, she was dead.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

A little something from

Two million abortions are performed in Russia every year, with only 1.5 million children actually being born.

The quality of abortions performed is often very low and the women’s health is often at risk.

Moreover, badly performed surgeries kill every third patient and leave many infertile for the rest of their lives.

More than 650,000 women die trying to abort each year.

There are more than 6.5 million infertile women in Russia today.

Russia is the only nation in the world where abortions consistently outnumbered live births by a ratio of about 2 to 1.

In 1970, for example, there were 1.9 million births and 4.8 million abortions.

Today, with more access to real contraceptives, that number has decreased:

For every live birth there are between 1.3 and 1.5 abortions, depending on the statistics you look at.

That would mean that around 1.6 million woman died in 1970 alone.


Christina Dunigan said...

Ah, but abortion is legal in Russia and thus safe.