Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy day

Today, while searching the internet for more information about criminal abortionist Dr. Lucy Hagenow, I stumbled upon a motherlode: the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database.

I did a search for "abortion", and have found at least fifteen pages of cases, ten cases per page.

My wrist is getting sore already from all the typing.

I add each case to the Cemetery of Choice as I add it to the web page. I've got my work cut out for me.


Christina Dunigan said...

You personally consider it totally "useless" to know how these women died. I beg to differ. The old "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

And like I said before, I don't have some sort of sorter on for which abortion deaths I document. I don't say, "She died too long ago for us to learn anything from what happened to her." I don't say, "Well, her death doesn't prove a point I'm trying to make so I'll blow it off."

I have no idea why my calling is to document abortion deaths. But as the years have gone by it's been clear that this is what my job is. I stopped fighting it long ago and just do it.

Christina Dunigan said...

Yeah, Tlaloc, I could so something wildly productive, like argue with you! ;)

JacqueFromTexas said...

That'd carry more weight Christina if you weren't advocating we go back to the very situation that cost these women their lives.

This is a shining example of missing the point. For almost every illegal abortion death, Christina has a legal abortion death, thus suggesting that abortion killed this women- legal or no. How many "Safe and Legal" anniversary stories do you need to read before this finally hits home?

Christina Dunigan said...

Actually, Jacque, there will eventually be more illegal abortions at the Cemetery of Choice if only because abortion was illegal for so long, and most of that time was before antibiotics, when people were dropping dead from all manner of things that we could easily treat now.

My thing is that I don't play pick and choose. If I learn about an abortion death, I document it. I don't just pick ones that I think prove a particular point.

You'd think, though, that Tlaloc and other supporters of legalization would rejoice that the pre-legalization deaths were being documented. It gives them more anecdotes to cite.

Christina Dunigan said...

Go back to when abortions were limited to women who had no ambivalence, who absolutely and utterly wanted their babies to die, rather than having abortions sold to ambivalent women?

Go back to fewer women being subjected to the risks every year?

Go back to where quackery was being taken seriously?

Call me retrograde, but fewer abortions, and those few done on the women who actually were determined to seek them out, and abortionists actually assuming some of the risk instead of the woman being the only one risking anything.... Sounds good to me.

I'm not, after all, advocating that we abandon blood transfusions, antibiotics, and all the other things that were addressing the abortion mortality problem.

We were getting the problem under control. But that wasn't good enough for the people who live for abortion. They wanted social approval for their own abortions, and didn't care who their agenda hurt.

We allegedly need legalized abortion "For the women!" (always with a little catch in the voice.) But the Silent No More women don't count. Marla Cardamone, who didn't want an abortion and got browbeaten into it, doesn't count.

The only women who seem to matter are the ones who can abort without a qualm. Everybody else can suffer and even die for all the abortion lobby cares. I don't see a tear for Stacy Zallie, for Christin Gilbert, for anybody who lacks their unfettered and unqualified enthusiasm for treating their own unborn children like vermin.

JacqueFromTexas said...

"Silent No More" women have ALSO had abortions, they just hate to see others get the same care they themselves have profitted from.

I would challenge you to find one Silent No More woman that "profitted" at all from her abortion.

We can live and let live. You can't.

Oh, the irony in your word choice! Were you oblivious to it or was that planned?

Christina Dunigan said...

Jacque, there are some people who can't get their brains around the idea that not all women dance gaily out of the abortion clinic, delighted at the thought that their child is laying in shreds in a pathology lab. The idea of coming to your senses and realizing the horror of what you've done just can't get through their heads.

It's akin to drunks thinking MADD is a bunch of kill-joys who experienced for themselves the benefits of drunk driving but can't abide the idea of anybody else having fun.