Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Busted in Florida!

Two Abortion Mill Operators Arrested, Jailed on Felony Counts
Miramar, FL – Belkis Gonzalez has been arrested and jailed on two felony counts related to illegal abortions that were done at A Gyn of Miramar, Inc., an abortion clinic located in Miramar, Florida, now known as Miramar Women’s Center.

This is a standard tactic -- When an abortion mill gets in trouble, it changes its name. For example, when the notorious Dadeland abortion mill in Florida was shut down -- not for malpractice but for unpaid taxes -- owner Barbara Eason just bought everything up at auction and re-opened under a new name: Women's Service Center.

Likewise, the seedy Inglewood Women's Clinic kept changing its name to avoid being shut down.
Miramar Police Department Information Officer Bill Robertson told Operation Rescue that as of Tuesday afternoon, Gonzalez had been taken into custody and that he believed that her partner, Siomara Senises had also been apprehended. ....

Gonzalez’s arrest report details how these women knowingly allowed two men to conduct abortions on women when neither of them had medical licenses. They also instructed at least two other unlicensed employees to conduct duties that required licensed medical personnel, including operating ultrasound machines, dispensing medication, and even assisting in abortions with duties normally done by licensed physicians. Gonzalez and Senises also performed medical duties without proper licensing.

This is hardly news in the abortion business:

  • The Inglewood facility had unlicensed staff inserting laminaria and doing gestational diagnoses.
  • The Hillview clinic where Suzanne Logan died had an unlicensed nurse assisting with abortions, and the owner/administrator, Barbara Lofton, had no medical training whatsoever but passed herself off as a doctor and performing medical tasks.
  • The clinic where Magdalena Rodriguez died has an untrained receptionist performing pregnancy tests, Rh tests, and post-abortion examinations.
  • Hanan Rotem, the National Abortion Federation member who performed the fatal abortion on Gloria Aponte, had an untrained receptionist administering general anestheia.

  • Joe Bills Reynolds, who performed the fatal abortion on Gaylene Golden, had a 60-year-old janitor serving as his anesthetist and an untrained orderly acting as his nurse.

    Now, back to Florida:
    This is not the first time the pair has been in the news. Last July, both were involved in a case where a baby was born alive at an abortion mill in Hialeah, FL. According to a search warrant obtained by Operation Rescue, Gonzalez swept the live baby into a bag and tossed her onto the roof of the abortion clinic to avoid detection by the authorities. On a tip, the police later recovered the baby’s remains and closed the clinic. An autopsy determined that the baby was indeed born alive.

    Nothing so odd about that.

    Operation Rescue West makes the arrest report available here.
    Robelto Osbourne, a licensed physician until August 17, 2004 at which time his license to practice medicine was revoked by the Florida Board of Medicine was the medical director on file for the clinic.

    Kieron Nisbet held a limited licnese with the Department of Health known as an "Unlicensed House Physician." Under this license, Nisbet could only be employed by a hospital.... At no time did Kieron Nisbet ever hold a clear and active license to practice medicine in the State of Florida.

    [S]everal patients stated that they received a termination of pregnancy at Miramar ... and it was performed either by Robelto Osbourne or Kieron Nisbet.

    .... Robelto Osbourne pled guilty on September 23, 2005, was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to two years community control followed by three years probation.

    Kieron Nisbet fled to Trinidad....

    Also, as a result of the investigation, Joselin Collado, an employee of the clinic, was arrested on September 12, 2005 and practicing medicine without a license. She pled nolo contendere ... and was sentenced to three years probation.

    Adleren Rohas, also an employee of the clinic was arrested ... and charged with practicing nursing without a license. She pled nolo contendere on April 25, 2006, adjudication withheld and sentenced to three years probation.


    Osborne testified that after the owners found out about his revocation it was "business as usual." Osborne testifed that Senesis was present while he was doing terminations at the clinic and she even assisted him on occasion and paid him. Osborne testified that Nisbet worked at the clinic as well and both owners were aware his license was "Unlicensed House Physician." ....

    .... Collado testified that after being at the clinic for about a month she began doing sonograms and was trained how to do this by both owners and Dr. Brown. She testified that her training consisted of seeing the fetus on the screen and looking at it. She testified that she also had training on actual patients. Collado testified that she also administered Diazepam and ibuprofen to patients and that both owners instructed her to do that. .... Collado testified taht Niset did not sign his name on the charts, he left them blank and then Osburne would sign his name [Osborne] at a later time. After Collado and the owners became aware of the investigation, Collado testified that Senesis told her if anyone asks, don't tell them Nisbet works here. .... Collado testified that both owners told her not to open the door to investigator and not to talk to them. ....

    Adieren Rohas .... testified that she met Nisbet between May and November 2004 when he did terminations at the clinic and treated patients. Rojas testified that she assisted him with the termiations....

    Rojas also testified that both onwers told her not to tell investigators that Nisbet worked at the clinic. Rojas testifed that both owners trained her to perform sonograms and dispense medication.


    Based upon the above information, there is probable cause to believe that both owners, Siomara Senesis and Belkis Gonzalez had knowledge that:

    1. Robelto Osbourne's license had been revoked and he was allowed to continue to perform termination of pregnancies at A GYN of Miramar, Inc.
    2. Kieron Nisbet did not have a license to practice medicine in the State of Florida and he was allowed to perform termination of pregnancies at A GYN of Mirimar, Inc.
    3. Joselin Collado was authorized to perform duties as an employee of A GYN of Mirimar that were required by law to be performed by a licensed medical professional.
    4. Adieren Jojas was authorized to perform duties as an employee of A GYN of Miramar that were required by law to be performed by a licensed medical professional.

    Osborne's disciplinary action can be viewed here:
    The Board found a violation of the following in Case I: ... F.S. by failing to practice medicine with that level of care, skill and treatment which is recognized by a reasonably prudent similar physician ... by one or more of the following: failing to perform a pre-operative hematocrit/hemoglobin on patient; failing to recognize a severe uterine perforation; failing to make himself available to answer after-hours emergency telephone calls; failing to assess patient's post-operative pain and bleeding; and failing to remove and account for all products of conceptoin. Violation ... by failing to keep legible, medical records that justify the course of treatment of a patient.
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