Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anybody have access to Chicago newspaper archives?

I've been digging through the Homicide in Chicago database, and I've run into a some confusion.

All the reports I'd seen on Dr. Amenti Rongetti's death sentence, handed down in 1928, was that it was for the death of his abortion patient, Loretta Enders.

But the Homicide in Chicago Database entry on the case says something different. It mentions Loretta -- with "Dec. 11" as a note. But the victim is listed as "Baby Enders," dead November 16, 1927, the day of the abortion.

So now it's looking as if Rongetti was sentenced to die not for Loretta's death, but for the death of her baby.

Can anybody get to a library and check the Chicago newspaper archives and help me sort out what happened here?

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