Monday, February 05, 2007

Somebody wanted "down syndrome abortion story"

We can start with the death of Linda Boom, the Wisconsin woman who chose abortion in 1995 because she didn't want to raise a child with Down Syndrome. For some reason her doctor chose the obsolete saline abortion method, and injected the saline directly into Linda's bloodstream.

Then there's the case of Christin Gilbert, a teen with Down Syndrome, whose parents chose abortion for her, ostensibly for "health" reasons. They took her past any number of fully-equipped hospitals where she could have undergone an emergency c-section within the hour, with full medical supervision, to have her aborted instead at George Tiller's Wichita abortion mill. There, under no real medical supervision other than her parents, she collapsed in the motel room. Instead of taking her to the hospital, her parents took her to Tiller's clinic, where she went into cardiac arrest. She was pronounced dead after transport to the hospital.

And I'll close with Brenda Pratt Schafer's observations on a "partial-birth abortion" (PBA, D&X, intact D&E, The Procedure Formerly Known as Prince, whatever) to kill a fetus with Down Syndrome.

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Christina Dunigan said...

Tlaloc, it's OBVIOUS to even a clueless MORON that Tiller was doing an illegal abortion on that girl. There is no possible imaginable situation in which she was so sick that she "needed" an abortion that would make it excusable to keep her in a motel room.

What part of that can't you grasp? If she is so sick that she needs to have that pregnancy over lest she die, then she's TOO SICK TO BE LEFT IN A MOTEL ROOM WITH NO MEDICAL SUPERVISION.

Either one of two things is true:

1. Christin had no health issue that required that her pregnancy be ended, in which case the abortion was illegal and Tiller is guilty of malpractice.

2. Christin was so sick that her life was in danger, and Tiller left her in a motel room without proper medical supervision, in which case he was guilty of malpractice.

Christina Dunigan said...

Tlaloc, Tiller's abortion method is to kill the fetus and then induce labor. So your hypothetical situation doesn't hold up. If she couldn't deliver vaginally to deliver a live fetus, then it would be equally risky to have her stay in a motel room for three days to deliver a dead fetus.

Christina Dunigan said...

I admit that your hypothetical situation is a feeble excuse you made up because nothing Tiller ever did could be wrong in your adoring eyes. He kills fetuses, and that makes him above reproach.

Christina Dunigan said...

Tlaloc, being a Christian doesn't require shutting off your brain and believing stuff that is obviously can not be true. Believing in Tiller's innocence would require removal of key brain lobes.

Christina Dunigan said...

You insisted that it was impossible for a woman to need an abortion but be healthy enough to be in a motel.

First of all, it's impossible to need an abortion. It's something women elect or get frightened into, but there's no more "need" for an abortion than there was a "need" for John List to slaughter his entire family.

Second of all, I addressed the need to end a pregnancy in the third trimester due to maternal health reasons. Anything serious enough to require that the pregnancy be ended is serious enough to require hospitalization.

Until the Supreme Court invented it with Roe, there was no such thing as a post-viability abortion. It was invented purely to give legal sanction to women choosing to have fetuses put to death that would previously been delivered alive.