Thursday, February 22, 2007

MSM waking up, slowly....

Mainstream Media: Pre-term Baby’s Survival Will Have Big Impact on Abortion Debate

Dan Harris, pro-abortion reporter for ABC, pointed out that in most of the country, Amillia could have been legally aborted well past the point of her birth.

"Only one state, North Carolina, explicitly prohibits aborting a fetus at the point at which Amillia was born; 12 states permit abortion at that point; 23 states leave it to a doctor to decide whether the fetus is viable; and in 14 states, there are no laws on the books that would prevent such an abortion."

1. WTF? The MSM noticing that it's legal to abort babies that could survive if born? Did somebody hit them on the head with a mallet or something? Did Jack Willke or somebody sneak in and hold them at gunpoint and force them to report this? This is the first time in nearly a quarter-century of doing this that I've seen MSM acknowledgement of this little fact. Is it a sign of the coming apocalypse?

2. Will it make any difference? Nobody blinked when Baby Rowan was left to die in a toilet over his mother's protests. Nobody blinked when Christin Gilbert died having her 28-week fetus aborted. Nobody blinked about the live-born baby thrown up on the clinic roof. And Gianna Jessen has been traveling the country telling her story for over a decade. Yeah, babies that could have survived are being aborted. That's been the status quo for 34 years now. Are we as a society just slow on the uptake and about to catch on, or will this blow over?

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