Monday, February 05, 2007

How soon until we start seeing this in the US?

Man facing charges over attempted abortion

A guy in Sweden slipped abortion pills into his girlfriend's drink. Fortunately, she didn't lose the baby, and the perp is being prosecuted.

I can just imagine what a sideline this would make for seedy doctors. Sell men Cytotec to slip into their wife's/girlfriend's/daughter's drink when she refuses to do what he thinks is the sensible thing.

I think that this sort of thing warrants an attempted murder charge.


Gayle said...

It certainly does deserve an attempted murder charge! If he'd done that to me he'd be lucky to stand trial. What a bad choice of boyfriends that poor woman made! Just one more reason not to go jumping into bed with someone you don't really, really know!

Gayle said...

P.S. I'd prefer women waited for marriage, but they threw that baby out with the bathwater a long time ago. :(

Christina Dunigan said...

Tlaloc, not everybody shares your personal view that people have to accomplish certain tasks in order to win your approval and thus be granted admission to the human race.

We've already established the degree of your prejudice toward the very young and medically dependent.

So it's a given that you have zero sympathy for a woman who loses a loved and wanted baby before birth. You view her as a deluded nutcase in need of mental health therapy to convey to her that she was attached to a purely imaginary entity.

You're so -- prochoice.

JacqueFromTexas said...

Suppose the fetus is far along enough to determine that the baby who was killed was a girl. Suppose the mother already had a son. Suppose that all the subsequent pregnancies were male (assuming she can still carry to term)- How do you compensate for the loss of her only daughter? Apparently then, a fetus is not merely the hope for baby, since there was an actual female present in her womb and a female that was taken from her without her consent. A fetus is not a commodity that can be replaced if broken. Children are not guarenteed, nor is gender. She didn't simply lose the hope for a child- she lost her child.

Human beings are not replacable. Once one is gone, he/she is gone-- as well as the changes that would have come with their presence in the world. If humans weren't unique, none would mourn death so (especially since 6 billion other humans exist). But if you have lost a child, born or not, all the other children in the world can not compensate for the unique son or daughter that you will never see grow into an adult.

Christina Dunigan said...

jacque, you want to field Tlaloc, go ahead. I've decided to not respond to him unless he's being rational.